What’s up wildlings?! 😉 \m/
Did you survive the last weekend??
Let me tell you one thing: It was a riot! A cute, little riot. But still, a riot. It was a pleasure, a musical joy and „mir ein inneres Blumenpflücken“. ❤

Apart from this (slightly weird) German phrase the following article will be in English. Because as Aerodyne said live on stage: We are a multicultural crowd! And I think, especially after the big election, this is something very important. That we all understand each other. Literally and metaphorically.
So that being said – let’s get wild!

Like every good festival this one started with a chaotic road trip. Travelgroup „EXPRESSOOOO!!1!“ started later than we wanted and then, in a hurry, I just typed the name of our stay „Provinciaal Domein De Gavers“ into the Google Maps navigation system, without looking at the address. Turns out there is another place called De Gavers about one hour from Geraardsbergen … -.- So we missed the first band Raider and we are very sorry for this. The group was curious about them. Could somebody tell us about their show and music?


Welcome in our „Hut“ 😎


the travelgroup that got lost.. ^^

After a very short, chaotic and rainy arrival at the camping hut we got a ride in a taxi and already made new friends who did the same trip as we did. Hey guys, if you read this, what are your names? Seems like we never asked.
Anyway, we arrived at the „club“ JC De Spiraal just in time to see Snakebite.

Snakebite, as I realized, are the secret heroes of my and the general last few years in the Sleaze scene. They are somehow always there, playing on every other festival and over time became good friends. For me it was the first time though that I saw them on a stage of this size, apart from Sleaze Fest. If you don’t know these guys check them out! They are the rulers of the German scene right now and I am happy for them to get to new places.
On stage they were all wearing the same pants, made of the same fabric and pattern, but all in a slightly different design. Take a closer look at it the next time. Their songs like „Two Desperate Hearts“ and „Princess of Pain“ already seem like classics when everyone around you sings them. You can find a little interview with Nikki here.



scared? 🐍

In the break after Snakebite the sun came up. I went outside – and loved it. This is the part where you could start to argue.
If I am supposed to write a report about the festival – does it have to be about every band and what exactly they do? Or is it about the atmosphere, the people, the experience, and the feeling? Because I have to admit: I did not see everything of Wildheart and Midnite City. But I did enjoy the company of all these amazing people who were there and we had the music as a perfect fitting background soundtrack. ❤
For example I met Andrea who is a photographer and publishes her work as Pictures by Nola. I will show her pictures of the show and ask you to follow her on her social media profiles. Would you do so? 🙂 Also it is really cool to talk to people for a first time whom you only knew via Facebook or similar things before. These meetups are one of the reasons why we love those events – am I right?

Aerodyne are a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They are good at playing and they capture the sound of the skandinavian sleaze world very well – but so far they have not found their own style of songwriting. If you compare it to Shiraz Lane, who are really unique, Aerodyne has to do some work on what is special about them, how they want to sound. At least that is how it sounds live. They now signed a record deal with Rock of Angels Records, so I am curious about upcoming albums.
Onstage Aerodyne really knew how to interact with the audience and make them laugh. They were the ones who realized how many countries the fans were coming from. It turned out there were even guests from the USA! Not to mention all the many Germans. Aerodyne also wanted to tell us a very dirty word in Swedish. Sadly I can not repeat it. So guys, it’s your turn! Tell me dirty swedish words! 😉


picture by Aerodyne

WildHeart are from Belgium and they just released their album „No Love“ at Wildfest. You can download it at iTunes or soon listen at Spotify. If you are curious about their sound, check out this video. An interview with the band will follow. Before their show almost an entire Mötley Crüe album was playing and this set the stage perfectly for their dirty, vibrating, guitar-driven, but also not fully developed, style.

Right now I realized that I accidentally deleted the part of Midnite City instead of just a video I wanted to cut out. So I will write it again: During most od their set I sat outside on this little wall next to the cute little river and also had something to eat from the food truck outside. Still though I love the more clear and calm music of Rob Wylde (Tigertailz) and his boys. They are from the UK and therefore proof the internationality again. In the room there was a general happiness. But I would say the melodic sound of Midnite City is even better when „produced“ and on tape than played live. Still, you just know that these guys are professional musicians.

Shiraz Lane are the act I was looking forward to the most before the festival. Sadly I could not see them at their last tour through Germany. If you don’t know them yet and want to listen to a young, fresh, very-high-quality band you should definitely have a look at Shiraz Lane. The guys from Finland are the next big thing. They already have a deal with Frontiers Music, and although they were a reduced group due to illness of Jani, and had to play semi-acoustic (it was still quite loud), they really rocked it! Singer Hannes has an amazing, unique voice which would even be perfect for a quiet show with no electrical enhancement in a small pub – yes, even with covers of Oasis and other groups. Also their songwriting is good enough to not need any special effects. They wear peace signs around their necks and just make amazing music. Go on like this, guys!

When The New Roses started their set they had my full attention back on. The funny thing is that they named their upcoming tour in the fall „Nothing But Wild Tour“. As you see – we really are some wildlings.
The New Roses somehow disrupted the look and feel of the festival. Compared to the other, more Glam-oriented bands, those guys bring back a more laidback style of rock. No make-up, no glitter and spandex, just raw and honest guitar music. Still it felt very emotional and out of their hearts. They even had a wisdom to share with us: „Life ain’t easy for a boy with long hair.“ And „Hell Yeah, Wildfest!“
The more modern approach of TNR makes them very successful in the last years. They can reach a broader audience and still not seem too out of place for an event like Wildfest. And if I wouldn’t know any better, I’d say they are from the US.
You can read an older interview with singer/guitarist Timmy Rough here.

With Crazy Lixx, the headliner of the show, it is similar to Snakebite: They are always there somehow, at every festival I go to, and develop further while we all do. The difference is, I probably never saw Crazy Lixx on such a little stage (apart from Sleaze Fest again) and for their show and appearance it took a little bit away from the atmosphere. The gig at the last Bang Your Head!!! festival when the „Break Out“ video was made felt much more intense. Crazy Lixx need a big platform, a wide photo gap and some pyro. Like when Snakebite played almost everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics to almost every song and the dancing game of the fan girl side was big. We even realized that some of our boys are „groupies“ of the Crazy Lixx members. Right, Marv? 😉


Let’s get (half) naked!!

After all the years I finally got to do an interview with Crazy Lixx, or rather said with front guy and band leader Danny. As soon as I have better internet access it will be uploaded. Let me tell you one thing, when a festival starts at 2pm and it is 9pm when the interview starts… well, it was the first one I did not being sober. xD I am very sorry for this, but still had a lot of fun and even got to talk with Danny about the other „Dany“ – the mother of dragons. Stay tuned! I will post it in here when it is ready. Probably thursday, because it’s a holiday.

As Danny Rexon said in the interview Crazy Lixx did not play many songs from their new album „Forever Wild“. They want the fans to adept to it slowly. So they mainly focused on „Wicked“, „Break Out“ and – my personal favorite – „Silent Thunder“. It is crazy how fast those songs get into your ears and hearts and it felt as if we already knew them for a long time. So I would say, go for it, guys! Play the other new tracks as well.

In a longer break most of the band members got out of their airforce suits and suddenly stood on the stage half naked. Well, why not? And why not put a plectrum on your sweaty breasts, right guys? ^^ Or a scary mask on your face. Their song „XIII“ belongs to the video game of Friday the 13th, so Danny wears the mask which murderer Jason has in the movies. It is one of those elements a band gets known for after a while.

After all the set of Crazy Lixx ended pretty quickly. I could have partied to their songs way longer. The aftershow party then was not very long as well, as I heard, but it’s no wonder when a festival starts that early. Nevertheless I already know: Next year I will be back at Wildfest again. Probably not as an official press member, but just as a guest who can enjoy this amazing, wild and still cozy little festival. If you love Sleaze Rock and do not live too far away from Geraardsbergen in Belgium you should definitely come next time, too.

Our drive back to Cologne and Dusseldorf had something special as well, actually. Without knowing before we drove right through the middle of Brussels. Excactly on the day of the European Election! That was cool. But if travelgroup „EXPRESSOOOO“ could tell the politicians one thing it would be: Please keep those tunnels through the city a bit more clean. They were very dusty and stinking… but yeah, I guess whe have more important political matters to solve.

That being said have a great week everyone!
I hope I will see you next May at De Spiraal. ❤


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