Here are 10 more or less random questions to Tom Morrissey, singer of New York’s act KILLCODE! They have recently come to Germany to play the Rock of Ages Festival – because Horst, the festival’s promoter loves them. And they love to come to our hard rockin‘ country. Down below you get to know more about Tom and his band.

killcode_rock of ages

1. Have you ever been to Germany before?

Yes , we’ve played in Germany four times. The most recent was last week at the Rock Of Ages festival which we’ve also played at in the past. We’ve also played at two Bang Your Head festivals in Germany. It’s a great country and the love the people show for rock and metal there is amazing.

2. Do you have a message for Horst?😛

Keep doing what you do with these festivals as you are helping to keep the spirit of rock and metal alive! Also, thank you for believing in KILLCODE and making us a part of your rock and roll family at your festivals!

3. On an average tour, how many bass and guitar strings get broken?

Honestly it doesn’t happen very often. The guys are very on top of their equipment to make sure this doesn’t happen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eric break a bass string and it’s been awhile that I’ve seen it happen to Chas or DC. Of course now that I said that it will probably happen tomorrow ! lol

4. What is your reason to be a Musician?

It’s like food and water to me. Can’t live without it.


5. Is there a thought in your head that you want to turn into a song but couldn’t yet?

Not really. I pretty much write about everything

6. Cowboy Boots or Sneakers?

Both. Depends on my mood or the weather.

7. What is the most delicious fast food chain in the US?

I don’t really eat fast food anymore, but when I did or do, Taco Bell.

8. Describe your new album in 5 words. But only spanish ones. 😉

Rapido, ruidoso, significativo, honesto and apretado.

9. You are doing voiceovers for commercials? What was the coolest spot so far?

My favorite would be a documentary for Yuengling beer – You can hear it here- 

10. Would you cover a song on stage? If so which one?

Yes and when we do, we like to put a spin on it and make it our own . We’ve played and recorded „Midnight Rider“ By the Allman brothers and we play and are covering „You can’t stop Rock And Roll“ by Twisted Sister on our next album .We’ve also played „Mountain Song“ by Jane’s Addiction.


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