Do you guys know the band WildHeart?

They played at the last WildFest in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. Not only the names of the act and the festival match perfectly – also the music and the people behind it were just made for each other.

WildHeart formed in 2014 and started their 80s music project rather for fun. But pretty quickly they learned how many people enjoy their style of music. So they decided to go for it and put more effort into the group.

Today you will learn everything about WildHeart, told by guitarist Juice. Only the last – very deep – questions goes to his colleague Foxx…. 😉

Foxxy: To start with: Where exactly are you from and in which area are you playing the most?

Juice: We’re from Ninove, a town in the region of East-Flanders, Belgium. It began in 2014. We all had our own musical projects such as IC/TC, Warckon, Rosevally Rebels, but then decided to do something we’ve always loved so much. Playing 80s hard rock music. Stuff was all fun and giggles as planned, but then it seemed to really speak to people. So we started to take it a little more serious. And now here we are. Pretty funny how things go sometimes.

We’ve played shows all over our home country Belgium. But we also had the opportunity to tour abroad, like in the UK and Germany. There’s some fun stuff coming up in 2020 as well!


How big is the scene in Belgium? Can you name important acts, clubs and events?

The rock & metal scene is pretty big in Belgium. If you’re asking specifically how big the glam-rock scene is, that is a nice and cozy club. You have great bands like Raider, Sin Savage and Mr. Myst. There are so much cool clubs in Belgium, too many to list. If you check a gig-calendar in any Benelux magazine, you’ll notice there are gigs every week, all over the country! Events? There’s WildFest of course! An annual festival we co-organise at the end of may. Check that out for sure!

What was the coolest place you were allowed to play at?

Without a doubt the answer to that question is: Hard Rock Hell Sleaze in Sheffield last year. We got to play the mainstage in front of a raging crowd. That was incredible.

(here is a report of this year’s Hard Rock Hell Sleaze)

You released a new album called „No Love“. Do you not feel loved in life?

We feel very loved and have a lot of love to give, my friend. But every once in a while people endure struggles. Music is our way of dealing with that. You write it off. So it’s certainly not a negative thing. It just sounds cool, won’t you agree? 🙂


What is love for you in general?

Love is different for everyone. And that’s a good thing. I, myself, have a wonderful wife and we have a beautiful boy together. To me that’s love right now. But I also cherish a deep and honest love for music. And we share that love in the band, it’s the glue that binds us. The same glue that binds the band with the fans. It’s a beautiful thing.

You said Satchel of Steel Panther liked your sound. Where did you meet him and what did he say to you?

We didn’t meet him ourselves. A friend of ours catches up with him on occasion. She gave him our album and he said he liked it. That’s really cool.


What is each of your favorite Steel Panther song and video?

We don’t know all the songs and we certainly haven’t seen all the videos. We do like „Eyes of a Panther“ a lot. Sometimes it gets jammed in the rehearsal room.

Did you release the album by yourself or are you working with a label?

We released the album ourselves.

With whom would you like to do a duet?

Kim Carnes!


A question to the guitarist: Your name is Foxx as well as mine is Foxxy. So tell me from your perspective: How does it feel to be foxy? 😉

Foxx: Just watch the pornstache. No further comment needed 😉



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